Right Side Out : In-Tune Within, to Be in Harmony with the World


...I didn't have the fortitude or the energy to try to keep that going anymore. I just wanted to find myself, and be myself. Far more than a transsexual memoir, Right Side Out: In-tune Within, To Be In Harmony With The World is a plunge into the core of what makes a person who they are-a journey into the brightest and darkest recesses of humanity and back through author Annah Moore's unique and deeply passionate struggle for survival in a quest to find her true self. Through candid vignettes and vivid recollections, Moore shares with us some of the all-time lows and highs on her journey through life. Not only does Moore give you entertaining and thought-provoking glimpses into her experiences, she takes you one step further and explains exactly how each of these incredible events helped transform not only her outer self, but her entire being. This overall change embodies the most powerful part of her story, for it is not just a tale about outer transformation-it is a complete alteration of mind, body, and spirit. Don't waste a chance to discover peace and harmony within yourself. Let Moore's story inspire you to find the happiness you deserve by being your true self.


Annah Moore
Paperback | 230 pages
152 x 229 x 12mm | 313g
Publication date
20 Oct 2006
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform