Philosophy, History, and Theology


Description: Alan Sell here presents a selection of his wide-ranging, informative, and entertaining reviews. Among philosophical themes discussed are Locke and the Enlightenment, Richard Price, John Stuart Mill, philosophical idealism, and analytical philosophy of education and of religion. Historical studies run from the Middle Ages onwards, and encompass English, Welsh, and Scottish Nonconformity, the Evangelical Revival, the Oxford Movement, theological education, American Reformed thinkers, the crisis of belief and the Social Gospel in Canada, and evangelical and liberal theology. Theological topics include Origen, Calvin, and Dutch Reformed thinkers, American Baptists, Mercersburg Theology, Scottish theology, liberation theology, assurance, the atonement, ecclesiology, ecumenism, art and theology, Christian ethics, worship and spirituality. Endorsements: ""With characteristic breadth, insight, clarity, and wit, Alan Sell's collection of book reviews offers not only a series of helpful summaries of some significant books published in history, philosophy, and theology over the past forty years, but also a glimpse into the mind of one of the great servants of philosophy, theology, and the church in our generation. There is much with which to think and wrestle in this fascinating and accessible collection."" -Tom Greggs Professor of Historical and Doctrinal Theology University of Aberdeen ""This volume gathers together in one place a delightful selection of book reviews from the hand of Alan Sell. Few scholars working today are able to match the consummate ease with which he traverses the disciplines of philosophy, history, and theology, and fewer still are able to match his accompanying expertise. This collection evidences not only his polymathic knowledge and penetrating insight, but also the humble grace and gentle humor that illuminate all his work."" -Paul T Nimmo Meldrum Lecturer of Theology New College, Edinburgh About the Contributor(s): Alan P. F. Sell, a philosopher-theologian and ecumenist, is employed in research, writing, and lecturing in the United Kingdom and abroad. He has held academic posts in England, Canada, and Wales, and ecclesiastical posts in England and Geneva. He is the author or editor of over thirty books, of which the most recent are Convinced, Concise and Christian: The Thought of Huw Parri Owen (Pickwick, 2012) and Christ and Controversy: The Person of Christ in Nonconformist Thought and Ecclesial Experience (Pickwick, 2012). He has edited and contributed to The Great Ejectment of 1662: Its Antecedents, Aftermath, and Ecumenical Significance (Pickwick, 2012).


Alan P F Sell
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06 Apr 2012
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