Force-Of-Habit : Cognitive-Self: Create Your Habits: Don't Let Your Habits Create You


"Only once one knows how something works can it be fully utilized: So it is with us as well. With the Force-of-Habit series owner's manuals inspiring new views, more useful choices and therefore massively greater possibilities are made easily available to everyone. No question one-hundred percent of one's 'raw-neurological-data' was provided by sensory accepted Bombardment from the 'Out-There'. Established in multiple types of Soma-Self and Cognitive-Self data-archives to enhance survival potential, this 'fodder' when manipulated by multiple Cognitive-Self mechanisms also determines the textures of one's current identity. Beginning with sensory origins, (book-one) Force-of-Habit: Soma-Self in order to describe "How-We-Work" takes the reader on four fun and informative virtual sojourns or trips through many exciting Soma-Self mechanisms culminating with Soma-Habits, which provide one-half of the Force-of-Habit dedicated to maximizing physical survival. Force-of-Habit: Soma-Self 'journeys' propel the reader from 'Out-There' universe bombardments or Deluge to sensory-acceptance; then through multiple data-morphing mechanisms; and, if the Bombardment is sufficiently-intense, through the mechanism-array designed to engage Cognitive-Self for assistance with 'problematic' issues. Force-of-Habit: Cognitive-Self (book-two) picks up where Soma-Self requests assistance for 'problematic' issues leaves off. It then travels the reader on a fascinating journey through the constructs and processes, which drive thought, emotion, ingenuity and one's incredible capacity to "Figure-It-Out" by creating puzzles from new sensory input and 'Solutioning' them by tapping into many types of information archives. Cognitive-Self additionally explains how emotion plays THE vital role in not only what is stored but also what is recalled, where beliefs come from, what creates personality, behaviour, and so much more. Finally, Force-of-Habit: Cognitive-Self explains "Cognitive-Habits," which are the second half of the Force-of-Habit dedicated to significantly enhancing one's "Bombardment-Sphere" broader-scope conditions. Force-of-Habit: Implications utilizes the knowledge of "How-We-Work" from Force-of-Habit: Soma-Self and Force-of-Habit: Cognitive-Self to explain how to use the "Self-Duo" to massively enhance one's day-to-day adventure and live "L.I.F.E.2," this author's acronym for "Living-in-Full-Experience-and-Excitement," to its fullest by effortlessly mining 'Habit-Power's' massive, renewable resources. In other words, Force-of-Habit: Implications, by highlighting practical day-to-day examples, details how to "Create-Your-Own-Habits" and stop letting "Your-Habits-Create-You." Remember, once 'Habit-Power' is understood, it will be your automatic and continuously vigilant friend, entirely focused on fulfilling your wishes: your dreams.


MR David J Hastings B a
Paperback | 340 pages
152 x 229 x 18mm | 454g
Publication date
07 Jan 2016
Living Perspectives Publishing