The Hidden Wisdom of the King James Bible : 600 Verses Revealing Ancient Insights Lost in Modern Translations


With its publication in 1611 the Authorized or 'King James' Version of the Bible became the touchstone of the English World Order. In it, the empire's scattered peoples from the British Isles to the New World, Africa and Oceania inherited a shared sacred tradition that even wars of independence would not sever. The first significant challenge to its supremacy came with the Revised Version of 1885, but it was not until the 1960s and 70s that many evangelicals in the English-speaking world began to abandon the KJV for newer translations, such as the Amplified Bible, Living Bible and New International Version. While modern translations assert superior scholarship, the basis for these claims often reduce to little more than oversimplified readings of the OT Hebrew and the use of disputed source documents for the NT Greek. The purpose of this study is not to trace the historical arguments favoring the adoption of the KJV or the personalities who sought its replacement, but to examine in the original languages the many hundreds of verses where it provides significant insights and interpretations systematically removed or obscured by its modern counterparts. As will be demonstrated, the changes almost always lead away from deeper understanding. Other books and pamphlets favoring the KJV have broached this subject before. While they provide interesting, if sometimes hyperbolic assessments of the theological motivations of the revisionists, the passages cited in support of their opinions are often trivial and unconvincing. The Hidden Wisdom of the King James Bible reviews verses that on first reading may seem essentially unchanged in modern translations, but upon closer study are subtly altered to mean something else. In four closing essays, the author contends there is a contemporary agenda behind the changes that publishers of modern bibles and seminaries promoting them will not acknowledge.


Mr David Jackson
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Publication date
09 Aug 2017
David Jackson