White Reign : Deploying Whiteness in America


What does it mean to be white in today's society? Is whiteness an ethnicity? This study tackles questions like these by examining whiteness as a cultural concept that our society has created, and by exposing systems that teach us how we think about race. Whiteness permeates every aspect of our society and commands a role in almost every social issue, from intelligence testing to affirmative action. The scholars in this collection show us how whiteness is learned and deployed via a variety of social forces, including schools, the media, and even cyberspace. By looking at the ideas behind concepts like "reverse racism" and "white privilege", "White Reign" attempts to assist the reader in deciphering the hidden message of what being white means in our race conscious society. The essays examine the construction of white identity and the possibility of reshaping whiteness in a progressive, nonracist manner, presenting a culture of whiteness that can be employed by educators, parents, and citizens concerned with racial justice.


M. Apple, Joe L. Kincheloe, Etc., Shirley R. Steinberg, Nelson M. Rodriguez, Ronald E. Chennault
Hardback | 368 pages
141 x 222mm | 564g
Publication date
04 Nov 1998
Palgrave MacMillan
Publication City/Country
Basingstoke, United Kingdom